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Remote Computer Support

Warning !!!

Downloading and executing this file temporarily grants me access to your computer, including all the privileges of the user who executes this program.  Do not download and execute this file unless you:

1. Trust me

2. Speak to me first

How it works...

Once you execute this file, it initiates a remote-support request to my computer thus bypassing your firewall(s).  Once our encrypted session connects, you will be able to watch me take charge of your mouse and keyboard to troubleshoot your problem.  You can end the connection at any time and I will not be able to reconnect without you re-executing the file.  I will not be able to see, nor activate any User-Control warnings.  You must remain present to read and respond to these security related pop-ups on your screen.  I know it is inconvenient, but you can always take your PC to the repair shop. 


Right click on the link below and save the file to a location you can easily access (I recommend your desktop).  Double click the file and follow any prompts to establish the connection.  If we restart your computer, you will be required to double click the file again!  You don't need to re-download the file, the same one will work.  Once the session is over, delete the file.  

Remote Support Executable File